About Our Company

The Premium Vapour Company

We are Ireland's longest serving E-Cigarette company, formed in 2008. Our philosophy in business is to offer the best products at the absolute best price possible while continuing to support our customers and offer advice to those struggling to quit the most. We wouldn't be in business this long if we had ripped off our first customers and didn't offer a good after-sales service, and we are proud to boast that most of our customers from the early days are still happy to shop with us. We thank everyone for their loyalty over the years and we thank them for recommending us when a friend or family member made the decision to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin. That's what the doctors say, so don't feel too bad if you find it difficult at first (just look at those guys in Trainspotting 2. You would think they would have gotten over all that muck by now). As with all things in life, if you persevere you can do great things. I have never met anyone who regrets quitting smoking. Occasionally there will be a wobble for some people, but that's what we're here for - to offer support and guidance. Personally, it feels great when a customer tells you how much better their quality of life is after quitting smoking. People are genuinely grateful to us for the help, advice and support they say we give them. It still takes a great amount of inner strength to quit smoking forever, so to our fantastic customers; Congratulations & Thank You.

Wicklow Store

After having our website up and running for a number of years we decided to open our first bricks and mortar store in early 2015. It was a great effort by our team to get it open to the standards our customers expect, but we pulled together and got it done. More stores are coming very soon :)

And a special thank you to our customers that still come from far and wide to support us in what we are trying to do. 

Customer Testimonials

We asked some of our customers to give us some feedback. This is just a sample of what they told us....

"I bought my first E-Cigarette in 2012 and I have to say that I couldn't be happier with the service and advice I get from these guys. Everything is always perfect. All of my family are now getting their supplies from ECigarette.ie."

Jack Flynn - Co. Meath

"I started using my E-Cigarette in 2013 after a family bereavement. I can't put into words how grateful I am for the support and encouragement I get from ECigarette.ie. I highly recommend them to everyone looking to move off the cigarettes."

Terry Byrne - Co. Dublin

"I had to quit smoking when we were expecting our first child in 2013. The staff at ECigarette.ie go above and beyond the call of duty, and they never try to sell me anything that I don't need, like other places have done in the past."

Victor Lambert - Co. Wicklow

"We found ECigarette.ie in 2012 and we haven't needed to go anywhere else. When they opened their shop in Wicklow we have been driving from Kildare every month to get our supplies. We can't find better gear or cheaper gear anywhere else. Thank You!"

Dermot - Co. Kildare

Myself and my husband have been getting our liquid from ECigarette.ie since 2015. We drive down every month to stock up and I have to say thet the service is excellent. We have saved nearly €20,000 since we both quit smoking. Fairplay to the lads!"

Marie Conway - Co. Dublin

"Mark has been my supplier since I quit in 2012. He has been tremendously helpful to me and my wife since then, and I haven't found anywhere better then him to get my liquids. I would recommend him to everyone who is thinking of switching."

Gerry Curtis - Co. Dublin

"I have no problems recommending ECigarette.ie to anyone looking for a quality Vape Shop. If I can't make it to the shop the lads will send out whatever I need, which is a great help to me and my husband. Thanks lads, keep up the good work. 

Yvonne - Co. Kildare

"The best thing about ECigarette.ie are the lads working there. I can't praise them highly enough. Mark, Zach and James have been very supportive over the years and I can't thank them enough. The difference I have found is their fair and honest advice."

Caroline Foster - Co. Wicklow

"After a mis-hap I found myself without an ECig. I called the number on the website and one of the lads was still working. Unbelievably, they drove to my house with a replacement device. I don't know where else you would get this service." 

R. Nixon - Wicklow